ISBA 2012 update

I got a very exciting email this morning as I was getting my morning coffee.

Dear Sam Clifford,

We are very pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a recipient of a Junior Travel Award for attending the ISBA 2012 World Meeting! The amount of the Award is $300 (in US dollars) and is provided by funds from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Culture and Technology.

US$300 will pay for most of the conference registration if I register early as a PhD student. I’m drafting a budget now to check how much I’ll have to pay for accommodation, flights, etc. and will check how much money’s left in my IHBI student allocation and check if the new Science and Engineering Faculty will chip in a bit to help send me overseas.

This is really thrilling news. I will get a chance to present my statistics work to statisticians, catch up with some of the people I met at the 8th Bayesian Nonparametrics workshop, meet some more early career statisticians, and find some academics working on similar projects who might be looking for postdocs in a year and a bit.

My abstract is available online if you’re interested in Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling of data from a split panel design.

I’ve got an old friend in Osaka who I should really catch up with. Osaka’s the nearest international airport to Kyoto and it’s an hour on the train. There’s a weekend before the conference starts, so I can probably afford to organise to see him and his wife prior to the conference.


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