Hug a Climate Scientist Day

According to’s “First Dog on the Moon” today, June 12, is Hug a Climate Scientist Day. The day was proclaimed by First Dog in response to the threats that climate scientists receive. The aim of the day is to show climate scientists that their work is appreciated and that we love them as people.

I work in an air quality research group so it’s not difficult to find a climate scientist to hug (although not all of us in the group work in climate research). If you happen to not be one of the small group of people who have ready access to climate scientists, First Dog recommends you “find a fellow warmenist and cling trembling to each other in the knowledge that it’s too late for even the adorable climate scientists to save us“.

I’m going to try to get a photo of me hugging a climate scientist today. Unfortunately, our group’s director isn’t in today.

First Dog on the Moon’s “Hug a Climate Scientist Day”


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