Just a few quick thoughts

I’m setting up a laptop to take to ISBA with me as I have lots of thesis work to do. I must say, I’m really impressed with GitHub for Windows in regards to how simple it is to set up. It’s a matter of installing the program itself, then entering your github details. Cloning your GitHub repositories to your local machine is as simple as pressing a button. I haven’t had to faff about with ssh, pageant, etc.

Now I just have to finish setting up remote INLA (which will require faffing about with ssh), installing LaTeX and figuring out if I can use X forwarding without X-Win.

I also have to finish my ISBA poster and organise for it to be printed. Then there’s the two talks I am giving at Healthy Buildings 2012 which need writing and the Student Program work. I leave for Japan on Sunday. I should probably look at train travel from Osaka to Kyoto, find my travel money card, passport, etc.

I uploaded a paper to arXiv yesterday. I’ll post about it here when it appears.


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