ISBA 2012 – A few thoughts

Christian Robert asked for some guest bloggers for ISBA 2012 and today his ‘og features my thoughts as of this morning’s coffee break. There have been some really amazing talks in the sessions I’ve gone to, mostly in the NP Bayes talks.

My poster went well, I had a good discussion with Daniel Williamson about some of the shortfalls of P-spline models when smoothing temporal data. Hopefully I convinced him that my use of AR residuals means I’m not modelling noise with a highly oscillatory spline. I don’t think I can convince him of the validity of using an informative Gamma(1,b) prior for the smoothing parameter as he’s quite firmly in the subjective priors camp. Perhaps he and Sama should have a meeting.

I still haven’t been able to find Jukka Corander, he didn’t seem to be at the poster session where three of his students were presenting. Perhaps I just haven’t spotted him because we’ve only met once before and that was a year ago.


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