Revision, revised

I just quickly want to plug the website, as it’s a great repository of talks about a wide range of topics. In particular, I want to plug the following two reviews of Bayesian statistics:

The first, three hours long, gives a good overview of what Bayesian stats is, conceptually, and introduces a few key terms and some examples. The second one, five hours long, goes deeper into the difference between frequentist and Bayesian statistics and builds towards the use of Gaussian process models, a very important class of models that have a wide variety of applications. If you’ve got eight hours to kill, even if it’s spread over a few weeks, these appear to form a very good introduction to Bayesian statistics which progresses logically and introduces what’s needed when it’s needed.


3 thoughts on “Revision, revised

  1. Sujoy Rc

    I am looking for a session on MCMC on Videolectures (MLSS) … which year/faculty’s session should I follow ? I would like one which has some focus on implementation ….


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