Paper journals

My first issue of the official ISIAQ journal, Indoor Air, arrived on my desk this morning. There are some interesting articles but I’m not particularly likely to thumb through a paper journal very often. I prefer getting an electronic copy where I can use the “Find” command to look for phrases and words in which I have a research interest. They offer an online version of the journal, so I wonder if I can contact ISIAQ and let them know I don’t want a paper copy of the journal. Again, I think Bayesian Analysis is providing a good service by providing their journal as an online, Open Access resource.

Edit: Oh no. I’ve just found a very bad graph. The below figure is from Batterman et al (2012) “Sources, concentrations, and risks of naphthalene in indoor and outdoor air“. Plots based on empirical cumulative density functions should always be checked to ensure that the resulting functions are monotonic.

Distributions of indoor naphthalene levels in the four study cities. Sample size = 288 (Battermen et al., 2012)

Check the plot for Ypsilanti around 75-90%. Those dips should not be there. I’m guessing it’s just a weird artifact of the way they generated the ecdf, but it’s sloppy statistics and I can’t believe the reviewer missed it. Indoor Air has an impact factor of 2.55 and was ranked as A* in 2010 by the ARC. I know the impact factor only relates to citations and it’s one graph in a single issue but I always find this sort of thing disappointing.


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