New digs

Luke Knibbs started not long into my PhD as a postdoc at ILAQH, working with our group on a few projects such as commuter exposure to traffic emissions and emissions from vacuum cleaners. Luke did his PhD at Macquarie and has now moved on to the UQ School of Medicine where he’s got an academic post. We bade farewell to Luke on Friday afternoon with nibblies and drinks in the Botanic Gardens and he was given an indoor plant he’d been considering buying as a farewell gift. Apparently the plant species is good at removing VOCs frmo the air.

As a result of the impending completion of my PhD and the fact that my post-doctoral work will be working on stats with everyone else in the group, I’ve been shifted from the repurposed lab to Luke’s desk. So I’ve gone from sharing a 45m2 space with seven other people to a 12m2 space with one other person. It’s much quieter here and a few days a week I’ll have the room to myself. It’s closer to the more senior members of the group than my old room but has the downside of not having any windows except for the one at the top of the room which does let some natural light in via Zoran Ristovski’s office.


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