Research position with QUT’s Applied Data Mining group

The Applied Data Mining group has an opening for a one year position as a research officer with the group, working on topics in data mining and machine learning (which appears to be a less rigorous Bayesian non-parametrics).

So if you or someone you know is finishing a PhD in statistics, machine learning or computer science and knows how to do scientific computation/data mining for big data and wouldn’t mind working in lovely, subtropical Brisbane, Australia for a year, email Associate Professor Richi Nayak this week.

Some selection criteria are under the cut.

The successful application should have:

  • Completed the PhD (or nearly completed) with success as evidenced by publications in proceedings of important conferences and journals in the field of machine learning/ data mining;
  • Acquired a profound knowledge and practical experience in machine learning, data mining and information retrieval; experience with Big Data is an advantage.
  • Good programming skills (e.g., Java, C++, MATLAB, Python);
  • Experience with data mining tools such as WEKA, SAS, MSQLServer;
  • Excellent English language skills (written and spoken);
  • Good communication skills especially for interacting with industry partners;
  • The capability to work independently and in a team;

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