Posterior samples

A very comprehensive paper by Vehtari and Ojanen discusses various aspects of model assessment and comparison. I was mentioning to a friend the other day that I don’t think model assessment is taught very well in first year statistics classes. I recognise that you can’t teach everything in a first year class, but I think we should be going beyond R2 as a summary of model performance. Even the AIC would be a good start, as it incorporates a trade-off between goodness of fit and model complexity. I am yet to fully read the paper but it’s something I should definitely get my head around.

Dynamic Ecology has some advice for how to review a journal article. This will become increasingly relevant for me as a junior researcher. No doubt I’ll be asked whether I could review some submitted articles for a journal in which I am publishing my papers. Having not done it before, the first one will no doubt be the toughest. Perhaps I should ask the more junior reviewer of my thesis panel for any recent experience they’ve had.

JSTOR’s “Register & Read” program is an attempt to open up access to academic publishing by allowing individuals not affiliated with an organisation with a JSTOR subscription to read three articles every two weeks for free. This will be good for when news articles discuss a study and people are interested enough to go and find the original paper but don’t want to drop $30 to read it. It’s not as far-reaching as Open Access but it’s a good step.

#OverlyHonestMethods is a hilarious Twitter hashtag that is encouraging scientists to confess their transgressions and is being called the PostSecret of the science world.


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