Posterior samples

Ten Hundred Words of Science is a really neat Tumblr inspired by the XKCD explanation of the Up-goer five (Saturn V), for attempting to explain quite complex ideas in the ten hundred most common words of the English language (“thousand” did not make the list). I have submitted an explanation of my own research.

My stats reseach group has decided to do a series of talks at its fortnightly meetings where presenters talk about visualisation. We’ve got a lot of people working on a variety of topics so it will be interesting to see how they present their data and data analysis. I’ve put my hand up (and my #3 supervisor’s) to do a talk about the principles of data visualisation. We’ve both read Tufte’s book and have a number of ideas about what constitutes a good graph. We’re considering a brief talk about the actual design principles and then some audience interaction where small groups are given a task such as critiquing a particular graph and suggesting changes.

Good graph design and communication of ideas can always be focussed on. The Economist has a terrible graph for what looks like the top 20 polluted cities but is actually a polluted city from the world’s 20 largest economies. In addition to being clearer about that, the graph should explicitly show the WHO standards and be on a log scale.


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