A proud moment

Today a collaborator of mine started the outline of a new paper in LaTeX, put it on our git repository and emailed it as a PDF file to other people who will be co-authors on this paper. The text of the email included:

I wrote this in LaTeX, which generates pdf files. Therefore, I do not have a Word document for this. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I’ve been working with this collaborator to get them using Github, R and LaTeX . There was the denial, the anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance. Watching this collaborator send this email I felt like a proud father watching their child graduate.


2 thoughts on “A proud moment

  1. JegarP

    Classic. I like your comparison to the stages of grief, as the researcher slowly realises that the Office Suite is ‘dead’ and experiences that separation.

    ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’ is my favourite bit. Like taking your car in for a service a apologising for it not being a steam engine.

    1. Sam Clifford Post author

      The collaborator’s not as fluent in R as they’d like to be but they have definitely come to the realisation that reusable code in R is a better approach than a bunch of cell references and filled formulae in Excel.

      One of my SEB113 students asked me today if there was a better way to write equations than the way Word does it. My eyes must have lit up. They’re a physics student, so they may as well learn about LaTeX sooner rather than later.


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