I know the impact factor’s not the be all and end all, but…

In Australia, at least, the impact factor of the journals you publish in plays a large role in your advance in academia. Universities are always under pressure to publish their research in more prestigious journals, conflating the impact factor of the journal and the impact of the research published in it. There are many ways journals can game their impact factor, many ways researchers can game the indices that describe the impact of their work, etc. That said, it’s always good to aim to produce research that will be accepted in a high quality journal.

I’ve been excited about the PLoS journals since their launch and I believe QUT is a subscribing member, which means our publication fees are covered. It’s one of the best Open Access journal groups around and doesn’t appear to be a cash grab like some other publishers who are attempting to use Open Access as a business model to increase profits rather than because they believe in the free dissemination of research.

UPTECH collected fungi and endotoxin data at the 25 schools, and we’re about to submit the fungi paper (which means work must continue on the endotoxin paper). I was considering whether we should submit to PLoS One (IF 2011: 4.092) and then had a look at what other journals they have which may be an appropriate home. I really think once we get the clinical data from our Southern collaborators we should aim to do the best statistical modelling we can. I’m heartened by the fact that the head of the clinical group we’re working with has a strong background in stats and a desire to learn more Bayesian statistics. I don’t know if we can pull it off, but the prospect of having something investigating the role of fungi and endotoxin on child health published in PLoS Pathogens (IF 2011: 9.172) is exhilarating.


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