Coursera courses on statistics

I was looking into Coursera courses for a colleague who wants their postgrad students to have a stronger background in statistics. These students are coming from a background of having done science but not necessarily taken any mathematics or statistics electives in a while. It’d be good for them to learn R for their data analysis, too, seeing as most other statistics packages cost money and Excel, while readily available within universities and other research laboratories, is utterly terrible for proper data analysis.

I managed to find the following courses which look relevant to the students and perhaps might even be good for any SEB113 students seeking to consolidate their statistical knowledge. This may also be relevant for current researchers looking to refamiliarise themselves with statistics and learn a good software package while they’re at it.

These courses are all free and some of them provide you with a statement of accomplishment upon successful completion, which could be a useful addition to your CV if you want to show prospective employers that you’re enthusiastic about learning and applying statistics.

Edit: there’s also this “Numbers for Life” from Novo Ed.

Johns Hopkins’ Open Courseware has the following neat courses:

Ben Fitzpatrick also introduced me to lynda, which has a few short courses on statistics and R.


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