Using R-INLA for spatio-temporal modelling

Every once in a while I have to figure out how to do something in R-INLA. The easiest thing to do, obviously, is to see if anyone else has done the same thing before. Often they have and I am continually impressed by what INLA is capable of doing.

I’m currently revising my paper on spatio-temporal modelling of outdoor PNC in the UPTECH project and the following papers have been incredibly helpful:


3 thoughts on “Using R-INLA for spatio-temporal modelling

  1. Dan Simpson

    I believe Marta Blangiardo and Michela Cameletti are somewhere in the middle of writing a book. From all I’ve heard, it’s going to be pretty great!

      1. Dan Simpson

        Last time I saw Michela it was half done, so I’m holding out hope for “soon”. There are a couple of others in prep (point processes in ecology using INLA and one on the theory and practice of SPDE models), but they’re not as far ahead (if wishing made it so….)

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