Posterior samples

NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, has five PhD fellowships open.

Visualising homicide rates in Mexico using R and GitHub (via Probability and Statistics Blog).

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you should consider popping along to Laborastory at the Cider House (Brunswick), where five scientists get up on the first Tuesday of the month to tell the stories of the heroes and history of their field. A friend of mine went along this week and enjoyed it immensely.

SEB113 has started again. I’ve already done 5 workshops (I have three a week). Introducing a whole new cohort of students to R, RStudio and ggplot. We did some paper plane throwing last week and had a look at how simple usage of faceting, colouring and stacking histograms can reveal both overall variation and group-to-group variation. A few students are still bewildered by the idea of writing code to make pictures but they recognise that it’s just a case of needing practice.


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