Posterior Samples

Interested in collaborative use of R, MATLAB, etc. for analysis and visualisation within a webpage? Combining plotly and iPython can help you with that.

Cosmopolitan (yes, that Cosmopolitan) has a great article interviewing Emily Graslie, Chief Curiosity Officer at the Field Museum in Chicago. She discusses being an artist and making the transition into science, science education and YouTube stardom.

A few of the PhD students in my lab have asked if I could run an introduction to R session. I’d mentioned the CAR workshop that I’d be doing but the cost had put them off. Luckily, there are alternatives like Datacamp, Coursera and Lynda. Coursera’s next round of “Data Science”, delivered by Johns Hopkins University, starts next Monday (Course 1 – R Programming). So get in there and learn some R! I’m considering recommending some of these Coursera courses to my current SEB113 students who want to go a bit further with R, but the approach that they take in these online modules is quite different to what we do in SEB113 and I don’t want them to confuse themselves.



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