Dr Sam Clifford is an applied Bayesian statistician, currently a Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate Lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He lectures SEB113 – Quantitative Methods for Science, the core first year mathematics and statistics unit for students enrolled in the ST01 Bachelor of Science. His research is with Professor Kerrie Mengersen and the Bayesian Research and Applications Group.

His previous postdoctoral fellowship was funded jointly by the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health, Institute for Future Environments and Centre for Air quality and health Research and evaluation (CAR-CRE).

His PhD was conferred in 2013, completed within the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (QUT) under the supervision of Professor Lidia MorawskaProfessor Kerrie Mengersen and Dr Sama Low Choy. The topic of the thesis was Spatio-temporal modelling of ultrafine particle number concentration.

His undergraduate background is in computational mathematics, mathematical modelling and applied physics. He holds a B AppSc (Mathematics) with Division II A Honours for his thesis on numerical modelling of dispersion in non-uniform flow.

His research interests include

  • environmental modelling
  • Bayesian statistics
  • semi-parametric regression
  • spatial and spatio-temporal statistics
  • air quality
  • non-parametric Bayesian methods
Further information can be found in Sam’s CV.
Sam also blogs about his research activity.